Research & Development
of New Recipes

Our method

We have perfected our method over time, making it more effective day after day, project after project.
Thanks to this working system, we are able to realize food products that fully reflect the taste and characteristics of the target markets, defining step by step together with the customer not only the quality characteristics, but also the target costs that can be achieved with the required quality.

Let’s start from an idea

We start with the basic idea of the new product, which the customer would like to develop, and from this, we carry out the realization of the product in the laboratory.

Costs development

Once the characteristics of the product have been defined, the industrial costs are developed, and the client checks if the quality / price rate meets his needs.

Raw materials

Raw material adviced for the realization of the product are the result of a careful research on quality and price competitiveness, both on national and international markets, in order to get a highly competitive price for the quality required by the client.


This is followed by sensory, microbiological and physico-chemical analyses to meet food safety requirements.


Production recipe

Finally, the customer’s acceptance of the final product at the stipulated conditions is carried out, thus creating the respective production recipe to be supplied to the industries in order to produce the product at those exact price conditions.