Our Services

Commercial Mediation/Brokerage for Food Products

Davafood represents the major companies of food products, that are leader on the worldwide market, in order to offer a complete and well-matched support to Supermarket chains, Discount chains and big Distributors that rely on its structure.

Plants Planning

DAVAfood is specialized in the planning and construction of industrial plants of food production, and it puts at your service its experience in the manifacturing of technological industrial plants at the best market conditions, including technical assistance of production.

Chemical and Microbiological Analysis

In its laboratories, DAVAfood is able to manage chemical and microbiological analysis of food products, and of the elements that compose them. These analysis are made during all the steps of production chain, from semi-finished raw material up to the analysis of the products addressed to distribution.

Italy/Overseas Commercial Nets Creation

For companies that would like to open new markets both in Italy and abroad, Davafood is able to arrange Sales Nets both nationwide and worldwide.

Import of Food Semifinished Products for Industries

Davafood offers a wide portfolio of reliable suppliers of food semifinished products for industries, of any field.

Food Technical Advice & Staff Training

Thanks to the qualified staff and present on production plants, DAVAfood offers its food technical advice during industrial production, on the occasion of new industrial plants starting up and in case of technical training of the staff.