Quality Control & Technical support

DAVAfood monitors your product in order to always guarantee maximum reliability, thanks to the control systems it applies to all productions.

Relying on solid technical knowledges,
DAVAfood manages the important task for its clients of Quality Control during the realization of the product, in order to reach a good product but also safe.

Moreover, DAVAfood is able to lead its clients in the achievement of Certifications that are now essential to be reliable and competitive on national and international markets, like BRC, ISO, IFS and many others.

Support for the acquisition of Certifications

Certifications BRC

Standard with an international recognizability, in order to face with European and Italian clients needs. It has been issued by the British Retail Consortium, including all the organizations representing the main interests of operators of great distribution in Great Britain.

Certifications IFS

Developed by BDH (that represents the interests of the German great distribution) and by the FCD (that represents the interests of the French great distribution and trade), and more recently also Italy has entered into this kind of cooperation among federations. It is addressed to the safeguard of food safety and quality during food processing, during the manifacturing of bulk products and during the activities conducted at the first packaging process.

Certification ISO

It identifies some regulations and guidelines developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), that propose a quality management system into an organization, to manage the processes in order to improve efficacy and efficiency in product realization, besides reaching the full client satisfaction.