Our Products

DAVAfood cooperates with national and international companies for all types of product.

It can offer the support both of big companies that are leader on the market in their field, and also of small companies that realize small productions and focus on the quality of the product.

Dried Pasta & Stuffed Pasta

We cooperate with the best producers and with the most competitive companies in the field of short and long pasta, and special sizes. We operate also in the field of fresh stuffed pasta, cooperating with companies leader on the market.

Peeled & Diced Tomatoes

We work with companies that represent the leadership on the market. We operate with all the sizes that this field manages, both for Catering and Retail ranges.

Vegetable Preserves (Artichokes, Mushrooms, Semidried Tomatoes, Grilled Vegetables) & Fish Preserves

We are specialized in the whole Vegetable field, from grilled products up to natural ones; for these products, we rely on the most specialized companies, with highly competitive results. We also operate in the field of fish preserves, where we are very competitive, and we work on both preserves in oil and anchovies. We manage all packaging sizes and format that the market requires (glass jar and tinplate tins of all sizes), including innovative packaging like Aluminium Pouches and Polypropylene Containers.

Jams & Fruit in Syrup

We cooperate with the most important companies in Italy of fruit in syrup (pineapple, peaches, fruit cocktail, exotic fruit). It is possible to have “choice” quality and also standard one. All packaging sizes are available.

Sauces, Creams & Pesto

This is a field very important for us, where we develop the most part of the turnover. We are specialized in the production of Red and White Sauces, very competitive and of high quality according to the market requirement, We are also among the companies that produce the most part of Green Pesto for the foreign market. Another field on which we are very competitive is the field of Creams and Bruschetta.

Bakery & Frozen Pizza

We are specialized in the field of frozen pizza, both for retail and catering range. Very wide is also the range of bakery: fresh and frozen piadina, frozen and fresh bread, dry taralli and all other specialities of this range.

Mushrooms Frozen & Dried

We enjoy the cooperation of the biggest industry of production of Europe's largest dried and frozen mushroom producer, which allow us to manage all kinds of packaging and product in this field that the market requires.

Olive oil & Other oils

We work with 3 national oil mills that are among the most important and the most competitive, allowing to manage both very high quality products and also very competitive ones. We are able to manage all kinds of packaging and oil types, also flavoured oils.


Olives field is managed both with Italian and foreign producers. According to the specific requirement, we address the client towards a specific company, according to the manifacturer position and also according to the aimed quality/price rate. We work with Italian, Spanish, Greek, Turkish and Egyptian olives. We are able to manage all packaging sizes required on the market, including bulk drums for industries.

Cold cuts & Hams

We cooperate with many national manifacturers, that work both in high quality and competitive fields. We develop all kinds of sizes that the market requires, included portioned ones. We are very competitive in Ham range, like Parma one, but also S. Daniele and Mec.

Cheeses & Mozzarella

This is another field very important to us, where we enjoy the cooperation of the biggest manifacturers, both Italian and foreign ones. Fresh and frozen mozzarella, both for catering and retail markets; we are very competitive in the field of typical cheeses, like Parmigiano Reggiano and Grana Padano, in all their derivations: whole, pieces, grated.

Wines & Sparklings

We are able to offer a very wide range of wine and sparklings, from fine wines up to competitive ones, in cooperation with the major wineries of national vines.

Semi-finished products for Industries

Our company has a great experience in the supplying of semi-finished products for food industries, both for preserves field (on which we are specialized), and also for all other raw material according to their production activities. We work in outsourching with worldwide researches, supplying the best products and cooperating with the suppliers the most suitable to serve at the best market conditions.

Confectionery, Ice creams & Pastry products

Regarding confectionery, pastry and ice creams we cooperate with companies whose priority is quality and competitiveness, starting from a careful selection of raw material, strict controls on processing methods, everything completed with very professional, reliable and flexible sale service and distribution.